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An engine that understands you

Our engine models your expertise using graph technologies in order to make it available to you in a scalable and targeted manner.

Specific data insights

Intelligent data interpretation
Seamless Integration

Graph technology meets machine learning

Organise your data in your own ontology and optimise your insurance landscape. By using the latest machine learning techniques, data analysis becomes even more precise, allowing you to efficiently scale and optimise your insurance processes.

Multidimensional comparison

Use semantic comparisons for text modules, formulas or a combination specially optimised for life insurance.

Augmented labelling for premium data quality

Quality comes first. Our augmented labelling tool offers automated suggestions for outstanding data quality.

Compliance and security at the highest level

Data processing

SpeedyGPT is hosted by Amazon Web Services in Frankfurt am Main with SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001 certifications.

Secure encryption

All public interfaces are only accessible via secure HTTPS connections.

On-premise solutions

For companies that prefer a local solution.

Questions we are frequently asked

What about data protection?

Our software guarantees 100% GDPR compliance. Customers receive a data processing agreement and all data is completely deleted after the end of the collaboration.

Where is my data hosting hosted?

Your data is hosted securely and reliably by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Frankfurt. If required, we can also offer you an on-premise solution.

Who owns the ontology created?

The ontology created remains your intellectual property and will be treated confidentially.

How much time do I have to spend before I can use SpeedyGPT?

Our solution is a standard framework, which promises maximum benefit with minimum effort. Thanks to a modular structure, you can quickly use standard components, while we set up your specialised modules step by step.

One engine, many possibilities

SpeedyGPT - customised for your insurance and product landscape, versatile in use