We give your data purpose

With our specialized AI-driven insight engine SpeedyGPT, we support insurance companies in processing their specific data more effectively in order to implement their day-to-day business faster, more efficiently and more securely.

Our eco-system

Advantages of our
KI- Insight Engine SpeedyGPT

Scaling expertise

Digitise your expertise and overcome professional bottlenecks


Your data is safe and secure with us.

Maximum transparency

Always clear and traceable - with SpeedyGPT you retain control over all processes

High-quality data analysis

From text searches to topic modelling - SpeedyGPT understands and analyses your data in depth.

Real-time performance

SpeedyGPT provides you with immediate and precise results in real time.

Innovative LLM methods

Discover deep patterns, anticipate trends and make informed decisions.

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Our speed, your competitive advantage

SpeedyGPT - Fast, high-quality results thanks to the latest cutting-edge technologies

KI Insight Engine SpeedyGPT

One engine, many possibilities

SpeedyGPT - customised for your insurance and product landscape, versatile in use